Roy WallisMy inspiration for drawing and painting came from my father, who drew in pencil and painted in watercolour. My interest was further encouraged by an art teacher who believed that everyone has an artistic talent that should be nurtured.

As my life priorities changed, art took a back seat, but I found inspiration again on visiting the Isles of Scilly some years ago. The wonderful blue of the skies and white of the sand struck an emotional chord and I began with ink sketches and then progressed to acrylics.

The theme of blue, white and green dominate my colour palette as I gain emotional satisfaction creating from this combination, and I hope this translates onto the canvas so that you also gain pleasure from the image. From these paintings you will gather that I was influenced by the artist John Miller.

I continue to visit the Isles of Scilly, and after I moved from the Somerset coast to Gloucestershire, my first painting, “Gloucestershire Fields”, was inspired by a location near Bath.

–– Roy Wallis


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